Who is Mo Mayo?

Mo Mayo is an industry leading freelance training executive, who also happens to know a lot about art.

With a combination of shrewd business tactics, witty, personable style and artistic talent, she is here to help others live a creative lifestyle that they love.

So, What Can She Do?

Mo has worked professionally with companies like Portillos and Chik-Fil-A as both crew management and training director, making hiring, training, and following up with staff members priority in all cases.

At each restaurant location she proves her extreme skill in handling and diffusing difficult situations, as well as her incredible passion for speed and quality of service.

She also handle the number side of the industry with accuracy and intent, handling ordering, inventory, and sales, as well as launching programs to cut labor costs decrease staff turnaround.

She has also proved her skills as graphic designer for these companies, making successful strides forward in introducing modern, minimalistic, yet nostalgic marketing and orientation materials for multiple restaurant groups across the globe.

She continues to put her years of customer service experience, writing and art skills together to assist companies with training and marketing, as well as freelance illustration and content writing.

She is also available for training, marketing and orientation seminars, bringing her years of experience, wit, and people-forward ideas to revitalize industries and teach small businesses the secrets to reducing staff-turnaround and keeping customers forever.

Serv-Safe Manager certified.

Formal Work Experience Includes:

Portillos Hot Dogs LLC, 2018-Present

Meijer’s Stores, 2016-2018

Chik-Fil-A, 2015-2017

Freelance Training & Marketing, 2018-Present