How To Sell Your Art (Without Lifting a Finger)

Passive income is every artist’s dream, but when you work in visual mediums, it can seem impossible. Passive income is exactly what it sounds, income that comes to you passively, or with very little work. Typically passive income comes from ad-revenue or royalties earned after you make a monetized post, but what if I told you that it’s possible to turn your artwork into passive income? I’m talking about people being able to buy your artwork as prints, canvases, phone cases, and more, without you ever having to handle a single piece of inventory, package or ship an order.

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How To Turn Social Media Into A Money-Maker Part One: Where You Should Be Posting

Nowadays social media is a huge part of any freelancer’s career, and knowing how and when to use it can make or break your bank. In this series I’m going to cover everything an artist needs to know about social media- What platforms you should be using, when you should post, how to format and promote your posts and how to go from shares to sales. While this isn’t the whole story, (need a complete rundown of social media analytics and methods for artists? Check out my e-book, coming soon!) I promise to give you my very best short-hand speech of how, when, what and where you should be posting!

What Social Media Should An Artist Use?

This in and of itself is a very, very broad question with no one right answer. What the “right” social media for you and your art is will vary greatly based on what you you want to get out of it and the style of your art. What works for one artist may not work for you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. The easiest solution to what social media you should use is all of them. Or at least several of them at once.

Social media is about reaching an audience, and each platform will have a different audience, that’s why cross-posting your art to as many social medias as you can keep up with can be a great idea. However, this can be chaotic and stressful if you’re trying to keep track of passwords and posting schedules for twenty different accounts across multiple platforms. There are services can manage all of this for you, including automating posts and interactions, but these can cost upwards of $20 a month. If you’re not ready to pay for your posting, your best bet is to choose a few different social medias that fit your style and the audience you’re trying to reach and focus your efforts on those. Below I’ve complied a list of some of the best social medias for artists to help you make your decisions

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